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We are facing unforeseen liabilities and a potential dangerous situation. The Board does not care about the illegal board members and has not removed them even with repeated requests to do so. We are starting to do something about it. We also like to have a good support behind us.  
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December 21,2014

Annual letter-Deed on file


The annual letter sent to homeowners contains these words every year "deed on file". In fact this is what we received in 2007 before the annual meeting of 2008. It required your deed to be on file to even attend the meeting . In fact it even offers inspection! .We didn't know that this requirement excluded 2 candidates who were running for office that year. We just trusted them. Had we not trusted them as we shouldn't have and inspected their files that night, we would have detected the fraud right there and prevented 6 1/2 years and continuing, unauthorized signatures together with unforeseen liabilities. They got elected by the power of proxies and have been there ever since. If this was not such a serious legal matter, it would have been laughable as the true banana republic that it is. However an opposing competent attorney for whatever legal action would not trust them. They would check on the director(s) who signed the documents and see if they were authorized to do so and would get on first legal base. We can't trust them at all. After all, how could you trust a board and the management company that worked together to elect 2 illegal board members?Lets not forget redacted files, closed election, one-bid , same contractor, etc.


We have started filing complaints to various private, public, local and statewide agencies to get help in removing these 2 individuals. We are not counting on the right action by the Board. All of them now have known about it since August 2014.


December 17,2014
The books

As  you know with the history of this HOA like redacted documents, illegal board members and so on, we have been looking at the books. We came across a deposit which we had a question. We asked the accountant. We were told this is just the maintenance fees from the homeowners. So we asked if the amount would equal the quarterly income for the HOA minus minor income like laundry, late fees etc. We were told that some homeowners pay in advance and that it was not (not that it may or may not be but that it was not). This is fine, as we just wanted to see individual deposit amounts. All of a sudden ,the company that oversaw the election of 2 non-homeowners without any problems in which the owner has been aware of this at least since August, started quoting laws and in particular a Texasproperty code. They said they couldn’t show it since it had names on it. Please remember that we never asked to see the names , however we reiterated and asked to see the individual amounts WITHOUT any names. We are still waiting for an answer. This is just the latest in suspicious events surrounding the HOA. As far as we are concerned the books have unanswered questions and we will not stop until we get those questions answered.


December 9,2014
True & documented - Embezzlement
This happened n Colorado. A longtime financial administrator for an HOA was arrested for charges of embezzling $160,000 from the HOA. Apparnetly an external audit was done every year but he had doctored the documents. This time it showed $160,000 was missing from HOA surplus funds.
November 24,2014
More lawlessness by the Board?
Every couple of years or so, we see a change in presidency. We can start the year with one of them and end the year with another. Its kind of like rotating duties. There is no election for that and we find no legal basis for it either. Homeowners are not notified and their input is not necessary either. Our guess is that they don’t want one person to be the front man and thereby easily targeted by a petition to be removed. There might be other reasons also. This cannot be done without going by our bylaws. When we asked Tina about it, she mentioned Page 4 , section 8 which is Article V, section 8 . There is no specific wording as to the fact that other Board members can rotate their chairs. When we asked for the specific wording as to that effect, there was no answer. We find this action by the Board as yet another illegal act. You can add that to redacting documents and allowing non-owners to become Board members. This happened before all that came out about the discovery of the 2 illegal “Board members” . They never thought they would be found out. By the way, the new president is one of the illegal ones that by probate action and six and a half years of being illegally on the Board now is a homeowner. The proper procedure would have been an immediate removal and participating in the January election. Now we have an illegal president, with the assignment of signing contracts, hiring, liens, etc. Lets not forget all those actions are retroactive with yet to come out unforeseen results.

November 17,2014
A summary
Dear Homeowners, We have received many inquiries on our website and continue to do so via email and phone calls regarding the latest developments here. For those who are not familiar with the issue we have to start from the beginning and with a very intuitive homeowner. This homeowner notified us that there were no records of 2 board members on the Harris County Appraisal District website (HCAD). We followed that up with Harris County Clerk and we found out that this was true. Back in 2008, the 2 Board “members” did not have a deed when they ran for the office and of course as usual with mostly the power of proxies they were elected. From 2009 the composition of the Board has stayed the same with these two “members” on it. Lets also mention that this was done with the full knowledge of Tina. This of course besides being illegal, brings all sorts of liabilities to our HOA which is us. They did not honor our own rules and regulations. For them friendship trumped everything else. The liability could also be retroactive. In the letter dated August 13th 2014, we demanded the 2 to be immediately removed. We cited Article 3 , section3 which requires the Board members to be owners of record. On September 4th which was their monthly meeting ( with the participation of the illegal members), the other 3 decided not to do nothing. Instead of admitting that they were caught red handed, they ignored our request and referred this matter to their attorney. That’s right. Instead of doing the right thing and removing the 2 and may be even apologizing for this action, they elected to spend our money that could have gone towards improvements, on attorney to defend the indefensible. One of them in May , 2014 finally became a homeowner. This is six and a half years of illegally being on the Board and signing all sorts of documents , including loans, lien ( one that we know of) ,all sorts of contracts, etc. If that person becomes a homeowner 6 and a half years later does not wipe out all the documents signed by that person. They were all signed when the “member” was not legally allowed to do so. The other one is still a non-homeowner. The TV contract was signed by one of them. The two were also participants in our 2% increase in maintenance fees a few years ago. They might even be participants of another increase this year which we will find out shortly. Let us remind you that when we asked for documents from Hurricane Ike, they redacted 80% of them and sent them to us. To this date we don’t have a full unredacted copy of those documents. If we are ever pursued by a claimant , the opposing attorney, might check to see if the person signing those documents was entitled to do so. If this happens, the balance would not be on our favor. With the improvements all around us and the rising values of our property we need to be sure that in case of change of ownership, we do not encounter legal hurdles. If the two are not removed and you attend the homeowner meeting in January, 2015, chances are you will see 2 people who knew all about this from the beginning which includes Tina, another 2 who joined in 2009 who at least since mid August 2014 have known about this , and 2 people sitting across the table from us who according to our rules up until last year were not even allowed to attend the meeting let alone sit across the table and vote on issues about our HOA. No matter how the Board tries to explain this and spend our money doing it, one fact is indisputable: These two individuals were not homeowners when they joined the Board in January 2008. This is too serious to ignore. We are once again by the action of this self-electing Board , in unchartered waters. In this uncertain times , being in unchartered waters, spells nothing but danger. Who knows may be we are already in jeopardy of losing our own property because of the actions of a few. Concerned Homeowners is examining its options to see what it can do . We heard from one source that this action by both the Board and management company is a breach of fiduciary duty. They knowingly have put us in danger. Why should we have legal issues just because the Board wanted to play friends? Lets join us at concernedhomeowners .com asking the Board to remove the 2 immediately. Lets hope the Board does the right thing and stops playing with the future of our property.
November 2, 2014
True & documented
A Fort Lauderdale ,Florida area condo president has been found guilty of embezzling . This a 2nd degree misdemeanor punishable for up to 60 days in jail. He had written checks to himself for nearly $50,000 from the association funds. He purchased a new car, altered association reocrds and violated board election rules. The conviction started with a resident , who had complained for nearly 10 years against his leadership.

October 22,2014
TV contract
We got a hold of the contract. After going through it we found out that there is no mention of that $98 fee. In other words, the $98 fee is outside the contract and is probably an afterthought. The Board who has the contract knew this and did nothing. Moreover , we have to pay for extra signals coming through extra TVs. This is not what we have now. Many if us have extra TVs with boxes that we get signal from , at no additional cost. This is a contract that was signed in July and there would have been plenty of time to send us the details. They didn’t. They sent us an undated letter about 2 weeks ago to sign up for the new TV contract by October 20th. The Board and the management company sat idly by and let them send this to us with little or no information. There could be more ugly details coming out after the installation that we don’t know about. Lets not forget that the illegal president signed on this contract.

October 17,2014
TV Deal
Looks like once again homeowners are last on the Board’s mind. Many homeowners have called , emailed us and talked to us complaining about the new TV deal. They are upset about having to buy another set of boxes that not too long ago , they paid handsomely for the ones they have. There have been no offers of rebates, discounts or anything else , even though it’s the same company that has become one with the dish company. Why didn’t the Board negotiate a deal so the homeowners don’t have to pay $98 for a box that just receives signal? The answer probably lies somewhere in the area of not caring and incompetence. Remember this is the same Board that to this date has not unredacted the documents we asked for months ago. Who put their signature on it? The president who just became legit 5 months ago, after being illegally on the Board for six and a half years. The Board probably thinks now that the Board “member” has a deed, everything is ok. As one attorney told us, all decisions retroactively can be challenged because of the situation this Board has put us in and continues to do so.

October 10,2014

2008 Annual meeting
We put the question to Tina directly: Did you know the 2 Board member candidates were not owners of record when they joined the Board in the 2008 Annual Meeting? Her answer: yes This shows a cooperation between the board members and the management company to what our attorney and another attorney called a breach of fiduciary duty. This has put us in a very dangerous position as homeowners , to challenge our rulings issued by this illegal board. This includes loans they signed, maintenance fee increases, foreclosures (if any), liens, etc. By the way, their going to the attorney, instead of accepting they have been caught red handed and correct it, cost us $265, plus nothing was solved and the problem still exists.

October 6,2014
As you have been following these most disturbing news about the Board, our attorney also responded to their letter. According to our attorney and another legal consultant , both the Board and the management company are in breach of fiduciary duty. The rules are clear. Any outsider including attorneys, title companies , etc., should be able to conduct an independent title search , and be able to find if the people presiding over the Board are actual homeowners or not. In our case in 2008 ,when these two individuals joined the Board, both the Board members at the time and the management company , had the fiduciary duty to make sure they were homeowners. They have not only left us at the risk of great liability, but in legal opinions , they are in breach of fiduciary duty. According to the latest news, they have not been removed. Seems like the Board cares more about protecting itself by spending our money and going to an attorney , rather than protecting us for free.

September 23, 2014
As you have been following with the previous posts, we had sent a demand letter asking the proven non-homeowner members to be removed. The Board has been caught red handed. On September the 4th , the Board had a meeting and had a chance to correct this wrong. They didn’t. Instead of that, they decided to defend the indefensible and went to the attorney. Instead of money that was supposed to go towards improvements , they decided to spend our money on legal fees to demonstrate and not to prove , that these two are in fact homeowners. We received the instruments that we had researched weeks ago from County Clerk . Homeownership is not up to debate, speculation , or description of events that could result in ownership. They should have a deed before running for the Board. The two individuals had no deed under their name before joining the Board in January 2008 . To prove homeownership, all a person has to do is to conduct a title search at Harris County Clerk Office . If these two units were being sold in 2008, the two 2 Board members would not be the ones signing the deed to transfer title to these two units. Not only we found that out , but we also had a professional abstracter do a title search. These two individuals were not homeowners when they joined the Board in January 2008. The continued service by these two individuals can only expose all of us to further liabilities. We are asking the Board to remove these two individuals without further delay. We have instructed our attorney to send a response. September 16, 2014 As some of you might know, in our banana republic, the Board plays a musical chair with the presidency. They rotate the members. We just found out the previous president is out as president, but is still a board member. The new president is one of the two illegal board members. This has even more ramifications. The president is the one that signs on new loans, contracts and worse : foreclosures. How can a property be foreclosed with the signature of a non-homeowner? How can a loan be signed with the signature of a non-homeowner? This puts all of us in a legal bind. There have been many homeowners who have been punished financially and even lost their homes because of the wrongful actions of its Board. Let hope we are not one of them. September 13,2014 Board member We now know as of 2008 , one board member (who still is one), was there when the two illegal board members joined in. We have no reason not to believe the other ones joining later on not knowing about it. When it all comes down to responsibility and obeying the rules and regulations , there is no excuse for not knowing. Remember, having a deed on file is the requirement to even attend the Board meetings , let alone being on the Board. It just seems like with their last decision of a no decision , that friendship trumps our laws. We are currently examining our options to see how best to proceed in removing the illegal members.

September 5,2014
No decision yet!!!
Looks like the Board had a meeting couple of days ago. The request for the removal of the illegal Board members had been submitted weeks ago. Lets keep in mind , the deed for those members should have been on file before they first got on Board. Lets also remember the redacted files that we requested to be sent to us unredacted. The result of the meeting: NO DECISION. So in other words, as far as this Board is concerned the bylaws mean absolutely nothing to them. Friendship or other unknown reasons take precedent over bylaws. The fact that all decisions past , present or future could contain huge liabilities for unsuspecting homeowners mean nothing to them. We put Tina on notice that as the representative of her company she is aware of this blatant violation of the bylaws. With all the awards they have received over the years and the owner of the company also aware , they are in effect accepting the situation and have not canceled their contract with us on a 30 day notice as stipulated in our contract with them. For the Board we are examining our options to see what can be done in this obvious sham of a situation. Again, this is what happens when common man is left to its own devices. Friendships can trump bylaws. Real homeowners and their interests are set aside.We will keep you posted.

August 25, 2014

We called and did a follow up on the illegal "board members". Please remember everyday that these two nonhomeowners are acting as board members, could spell a huge liability for every one of us. This is a liability that could be retroactive . The Board doesn’t seem to care. They knew from the beginning , that they should have never been allowed to serve and yet they gave them seats at the table. They even did executive sessions! They beat legitimate homeowners all with the blessings of other Board members. We also let Tina and the management know that at the latest since August 8th ,2014, they have been aware of this and put on notice. No law-abiding management company should be a party of this blatant violation of our bylaws. We were told the owner has also been notified since that date. We will see how this progresses. This is most troubling . The common man is putting everybody at risk. The termination of these two nonhomeowners should have been immediate as requested in our certified letter. Why were they allowed to sit at the table anyway?

August 17,2014

Most of us have been to the homeowners meeting. We also have received letters and notifications from the Board posted on our doors. There have been people who had wanted to attend the meetings but were banned because they were not owners. In fact one requirement of running for the Board has been that a copy of the candidate’s deed must be on file. One thing we always assumed and never questioned , was the Board members homeownership themselves. One very intuitive mentioned that to us very recently. We were told that some were not actual homeowners. We did a title search at County Clerk and we found out the homeowner was right. Two “Board members" were not actual homeowners. There were no deeds under their names. These are long-standing “Board members” who have made many decisions , cast many votes and continue to do so. This also means that legitimate homeowners lost to non-homeowners in the Annual Meeting voting charade where, independent monitoring of the election is not allowed. Lets not forget that the Board found only one homeowner that ran for the 3 spots available last year and could not fill the other 2 spots . In other words the Board wasn’t able to put a respectable face on the election that we all pay for. Could this be that homeowners know the game and the Board has problem finding candidates? We also found out that the only homeowner who ran last year was also not an actual homeowner! So to sum it up, last year, a non-homeowner lost to another non-homeowner and the real homeowners watched from the sidelines!! The election here is truly a joke. We sent a certified letter to the Board asking the two individuals be removed immediately. This could bring serious liability issues . All votes could be questioned. All decisions could be questioned.Because of the shenanigans done here with the voting and proxies , we are now in unchartered territory. The Board must have known and let them participate and even win. We truly don’t know what can happen, as this is the height of irresponsibility, however one thing for sure: The two individuals need to get off the Board immediately before putting exposing all homeowners to needless risks. The following is the letter sent to the Board on August 13. It has been editted with names deleted.

August 9, 2014

We posted here several times regarding the homeowners in Florida whose condos were forcefully being taken away by a developer. The developer wanted to take advantage of a Florida law and buy the properties at a now reduced price. The law stated if 80% of homeowners sell , the rest have to follow. The condos once worth over $300K were going for $75K, a huge loss for a homeowner that had bought its unit within the past 3 or 4 years. .Its every owner’s right to hold on to their property for as long as they pay their tax, mortgage and maintenance fees. They should not worry about another elements and forcefully sign their deed away. After the case got the attention of the media, now apparently the developer has withdrawn its application for termination. This is good news, but developer setbacks are usually never final.

July 20,1014
About 2 months ago , we heard that the board president was no longer there . Apparently he had resigned. This was just a rumor and we didn’t care to call Tina and verify. After all,, who cares about a Board that its president was not even at the meeting when he was elected about 4 years ago? Who cares about the makeup of a board that elects its member by votes that can’t be verified, or only has one bids on many jobs. The latest letter , suddenly announced a new president. For most homeowners , this came as a surprise but for a big number that we know, nobody cared. They stay on Board and lawyer up and spend our money to defend their elections that cannot be confirmed independently and then hire many contractors with only one bid. No others would need to apply. They then ,when they can raise our maintenance fees. Who knows what happens in a bunch of common men who form a banana republic. We just have to do our own checking by auditing and going over the individual checks issued by them.

July 13,2014
The homeowner fight in Florida, not of their own making continues. We posted a follow-up on June 29th , which was a follow-up from Aril 6 posting. It showed how an investor was trying to take properties away from homeowners at rock bottom prices. Units that had been appraised for over $300,000 were being taken away from homeowners for about $80,000, because that’s what the homestead value or county value showed . Now there are some other condominiums that are trying to repeal the law. With a determined investor, options are very limited. This is true in Texas too. Please read the postings for complete details.

July 6,2014
We all received a letter form the Board full of advice on everything including cats and dogs . The letter talks about city regulations and that you should always put leash on your dogs and using phrases like “ no exceptions” and “that means you” . This letter has been approved by the Board before being sent out. That’s why it is so amazing that couple of Board members who have dogs, have never been seen putting leash on their own dogs. This is the height of hypocrisy, to threaten homeowners with fines and blaming them for being irresponsible dog owners, while at the same time doing the same thing. This is the continuation of what we have here which is common man , in the form a of Board member making laws for everybody else but not themselves.
June 29, 2014
Earlier in April 6 posting, we talked about a condo association that was taken over by an investor in Florida. The investor using a state law, was trying to take over all the condos and turn them into apartments. Some of the condos were purchased recently . The price the investor was offering , was causing huge financial damage for those homeowners , resulting from the fact that the offer would not have come close to paying what was owed to the banks. This means they would owe deficiencies to those banks , because if they accepted the money the investor was offering , it would not cover the money owed to the banks. We just found out that the investor has just filed a lawsuit against those homeowners, citing the Florida laws. This law was amended in 2007 to make it easier for condominiums to be terminated. It needed more than 10% of homeowners to object. Before the law one homeowner could stop the termination. We don’t have such an anti-homeowner law in Texas, but investors won’t run out of solutions in getting their projects going as we have listed numerous examples in this site.

June 14,2014
The first $150K condo for sale

We just found out about a homeowner who put their 2-bedroom condo for sale with the asking price of $150,000. This, with construction around us , barely getting off the ground. If you are planning to sell your property, as favorable it is to have a jump in values, you have to remember what you can replace it with. If Galleria living is what you are looking for, it would be best to consider what your options are. If you are not in a rush to sell , and with this being a seller’s market , you might be advised to consider getting more for your condo located currently in prime area of Houston and construction not even close to being half way done, but supposedly being done by January 2015. We have also heard of some 2-bedroom condos listed above $100,000. It would all depend on your own particular situation and your wants and needs.
May 24,2014
2640 rumors

This is what 2620 and 2630 look like now. Building is pretty much all over . The latest news we have heard is that 2640 will be next to be demolished as part of the 4 building construction. The County as one of the main renters over there will be moving over to 2650.
May 10,2014
Real estate agents
As you might be aware, we have recently been receiving advertisements regarding specifically selling our properties.There is no mention of buying anywhere. These advertisements have been in the forms of mail and posting on our bulletin boards which until now with an unwritten law, were forbidden. They usually would have been taken off about 15 minutes after they were put on to send a message that only Board can put messages there. However, for some reason, these ads are being accepted by the Board. Our message remains the same. Unless you are in a hurry to sell, or you ask $100K for your 1 bedroom ,or $150K for your 2-bedroom or $200K for your 3-bedroom, its best to hold on. The construction nearby is just getting underway. These condos would look a whole lot better and in a greater situation location wise, after the construction is finished. With limited research available, and as far as we can tell based on other condos in similar situations, people who hold on to the very last can expect to get the most for their condos, but situations can vary.

May 2, 2014
As posted here earlier, we have been asking for the original insurance files for Hurricane Ike to be sent to us, unredacted and unopened direct from the insurance company. After asking with emails to the management company, we sent a certified letter to the Board asking them to us directly from the insurance company. They had this ridiculous assertion that the ones we got , indirectly , was a result of copy machine malfunction all 500 pages or so! We are posting a sample here again to refresh your memory. In this recent letter, we asked to send us a brand new one , direct from then insurance company. This letter was sent in March , 2014 , well ahead of their April monthly meeting. They had their April meeting and we are now in May. Its safe to assume they don’t want to send that to us. This adds to the fact , that the election cannot be monitored independently, the contractor in reality is only one and the energy company was the only one solicited and is one floor above our management company. Lets stand together that with this lack of competitive bidding and lack of transparency, we don’t pay more in maintenance fees this coming year.

April 18,2014 
Apartments across the street
As many of you know, we are the only apartment complex between Burgoyne and San Felipe , that is multi-owned. In this hotbed of construction activity, the latest rumor is that the apartment complex across the street from us, could be next to be sold . The area is about the same size as ours. Details are not known yet but we will keep you posted when we know more.

April 6 ,2014
Another bully tactic by an investor
This is what is happening in Florida. Apparently under a law passed in 2007 if the mortgages are under water, the biggest owner can buy the rest of the units whether they like it or not (it didn’t specify the percentage ownership). The HOA is dissolving itself and basically lying doormat for the biggest owner which is a company. The law has never been used and this is the first time. More interesting is that, it was not indented to be used for solvent condos as this is one. Now presumably this does not apply to us, but it shows that a big investor , with many resources can find ways to get what they want. It also brings up some questions: Do we have in Texas a similar law? Would it matter?

March 23,2014
The company that lost the bids
We finally heard from the owner of the company that lost the last 3 bids . Let us remind you that he is the owner of a company that only has an answering machine and we could not find any websites associated with his company. Since then however, we could find a website for him. He acknowledged that he had placed a bid and well, he is basically on a 3-bid losing streak with us. He sounded very nice. 1. why does the Board puts out the bids valued at about $75,000 for only 2 companies? 2. why doesn’t the Board , announce its intentions in a newsletter and with at least 5 verifiable bids so interested homeowners will be able to check and verify?
March 11,2014

As posted here , the new job at B & C buildings cost over $23,000. It was correct. The company doing it did about $75,000 bid with us in the last 4 months or so. It was virtually a one bid job. The owner of the company that lost the bidding war finally contacted us and we talked to him and he verified the other bid. Let’s not forget the winning company has a website with no links. The company that lost the bidding war has only an answering machine and no website. We are not talking about the quality of work, but the question is, why does the Board get bids from companies who don’t even have the basics of advertising down in this day and age? Why does the Board just get 2 bids and it seems to be the same companies?

February 26,2014
A new Board member?
As we all know, in the last Annual Meeting, the only candidate running for the 3 vacant spots , lost again and the incumbents also won again. A reminder: the Nominating Committee was not successful in finding 3 candidates, only 1. Homeowners have caught on to the games being played here. The lone candidate was told by a Board member with 100% guarantee that if he runs again he “will be on the Board”. It was not “may be”, or “you might “ , or any degree of uncertainty, but “you will be the Board”! Well , from a Board that self-elects itself and won’t allow homeowners observing the elections from start to finish , we can expect that. This is what happens when Texas laws favor HOAs and a common man (and in our case underwhelming and unqualified group of people in our view) is left to its own devices to interpret and implement the laws . Just as an update, the B building’s driveway repair will start soon. The same company is doing it and has a potential to do about $75,000 worth of business with us , in just 3 months without finding a need to advertise its services fully , to the outside world. Tina update: In just one short month we had 9 homeowners sign on the website for her removal. Apparently, the dissatisfaction with her services run quite high with the comments we get that accompany their signature. We expect many more in the coming weeks and months. Lets hope she gets the message and go somewhere else. _____________
February 15,2014
Board's attempt at transparency

Over 2 months ago and via certified mail, we asked the Board to release the insurance documents relating to Hurricane Ike. To refresh your memory, the documents we had received was 80% redacted and totally unreadable and therefore useless. One Board member attempted to address the issue in the Annual Meeting but was quickly cut off. Later on in the meeting , we were told it really was not redacted and it was a copy machine malfunction, i.e. an imaging problem! There are about 500 pages in that document. The Board yesterday tried to sound responsive and sent a message that we had really received it and if that was not good enough we can send you another copy . Other words the same copy of what you see below plus cost for copying! We let them know, the only acceptable copy would be from the insurance company itself , directly to us and unredacted. We cannot trust any paperwork from an entitiy that at the first step does not let homeowners monitor elections paid by them. Lets see if the Board has nothing to hide and will send us a READABLE and UNREDACTED copy of this insurance document to be reviewed by our experts. We are not holding our breath on that. An example of what we got. Is this a copy machine malfunction?!!

February 12,2014
It was a one-bidder after all
As we try to get to know the vendors that do business with our association, we started examining each contractor one by one. One of these companies , as stated in an earlier posting, was a company that had won the bidding war against the biggest provider of gas in Houston! We called that ridiculous and insisted on seeing both bids. We finally did and just found out the contract from the biggest provider did not even exist! That means it really was another one-bid job as we had suspected all along . No response from the manager as to the conflicting emails yet. We will keep going through these checks on a quarterly and individual basis and keep getting to know our vendors.
February 9,2014
More on driveway repair
We just found out that the cost for driveway repair was a little over $25K. Together with the gutter and fascia repair on 2121 this has amounted to close to $50K in contracts given to one company. Ofcourse we had the usual loser who only has an answering machine and just like last time has not replied to our phone call. It kind of reminds us of our elections that we already know the result. By the way we have had a good number considering the time , signing up for Tina's removal. We are still getting calls from homeowners that she hasn't returned their phone calls or ignoring their request for various issues on our property. A gang sign just painted on our condo sign was just renamed being "tagged" , whatever that means.


February 4,2014
Who is repairing our driveway?
As we have documented on this website, we found there were two companies that have been solicited by the Board for the gutters on 2121. One with a website and no links and the other with no website and only an answering machine. We could not get the latter to return our phone call. Its interesting that a two-time loser in the bidding process , in at least the last 2 bids , is not interested in somebody potentially taking up their cause. The winner as far as we can detect, has been doing our contracting jobs since at least 2008. In the last 2 jobs with the second one being the driveway. No other bids were needed. Its like watching the reruns of a bad movie. We know what happens at the end. Why would the Board do business with a company that has only a website with no links ? Why would the Board even solicit bids from a company that has no website? _____________
January 22, 2014
Meeting last night
Well, we had another predictable charade last night. The turnout was so low that they actually started the meeting without the quorum required for this meeting. When asked Tina later on , she said the quorum was established later on as homeowners started walking in after the meeting got started. Nevertheless the incumbents won again. There was only one homeowner who ran . The Nominating Committee could not even find 3 candidates who were interested to run for the 3 available seats for the Board, only 1. In other words homeowners have gotten to realize that an election that cannot be monitored by interested homeowners , is not a fair election at all. The maintenance fee , as many of you know already, was not raised. That is a good thing. In fact , for the last 4 years the fees have only been increased a total of 2%. One homeowner had taken upon themself to call a developer as to whether they would be interested in buying our property. In other words the homeowner was inquiring not just its own , but for the entire 270 units. The number $55 per square foot was thrown around. This means for a one-bedroom the price could be around or less than $40,000. This could translate to the tax value and even homesteaded value of the property. We don’t believe the action of this homeowner was right. It presents a picture of desperation and fire sale mentality for our property. The property can survive for now and even a few more years from now in relatively decent shape with patched up and minor repairs. Homeowners who hold on longest can expect to get the most for their property. They ,for sure don’t need anybody to negotiate for them. We believe the price per square for our property with the special situation that we are in is around $150 per square foot not $55, which brings about $100,000 for one bedroom and $150,000 for a two bedroom. Let the developer approach us and not vice versa. Even the homeowner said it was low. The result of this initial pricing could bring an extra $2 ,$3 or may be even $5 per square foot but not much more, which is still well below the market value of our property. This lowball offer could also alert other investors and sensing desperation, set . a low price for our property and convince some to think it’s the real value and sell. This is the result of a homeowner negotiating with a savvy and seasoned investor. For our part ,we have stated that even though, Concerned Homeowners believe $100,000 to be the price of one bedroom but to consult real estate specialists on their own and find out how much they can get for their property, if a developer steps in. The Board tried to address the issue of Hurricane Ike. Please refer to the previous posts as to our letter to the Board requesting an unredacted and unopened copy. The explanation was that it could be an image problem resulting from the copy machine! We extended an open invitation to come and inspect the 2 inches thick document and see for themselves how about 500 copies could have image problem. We won’t hold our breath for anybody checking it out or give us such a copy. On a curious and short-mentioned note by the Board , it was stated that ,personnel from the management company walk the property frequently. The conversation, was very shot-lived. We ask the homeowners to please email us or even call us at 713-498-0364 if they see anybody from the management company walking the property. If emailing , please document the time and the name of the representative. The petition to remove Tina has gotten many homeowners to sign up. Because of some comments they left, we extended the removal to the management company as well. As stated by some, its better to start with a new management company. Lets not forget they raised their fees 2 years ago as well. The Board did not even shop around to cut the costs and find another management company then.
Janaury 19,2014
Another one-bid job? As many of you have heard and read time and time again, we have complained that the association just takes one bid for contracting jobs. As we are expanding our research, we just found out that the gas has two bids with an explanation. We inquired from the manager and we found out that the other bidder is the well-known company that provides gas to most of the city. So according to her, the actual provider of gas, lost the bidding war to a company that is pretty much a broker in the energy field. Our gas provider company is located one floor above the management company.

January 9,2014
Ike insurance documents:what is in them?
About 2 years ago, we asked for the insurance documents relating to Hurricane Ike, to be released to us. About 6 months later and after many back and forth , we finally received them. The documents were examined by the management company before being handed to us. That by itself raised some questions. Upon examining the documents , we found out about 75% of the documents were redacted. Last year, we started a comprehensive research as to the way the insurance proceeds were handled. As part of the research, we asked the Board for the full file to be released, unopened and without redactions . The management company has failed to produce that (check older posting). We took the request to the Board with a certified letter. They received that on December 13,2013. They have yet to answer. Its amazing that when in 2012 we asked about the format of checks issued , they sent out 4 “newsletters” defending themselves , all at our expense. They did not even send 1 newsletter during 2013. May be when we pursue the insurance documents more this year, we will get more “newsletters” attacking us for asking , again paid by us.

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