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January 30,2015

We received some inquiries about the 3% increase and the issue of the fences. The 3% increase is being planned for next year. We have no increase for this year. The increase comes for that little pet project of that illegal Board member (a person that with the blessing of the Board has been on the Board for 7 years without a deed under his name) has cooked up. He wants to repair the fences that along with other repairs that were done after hurricane Ike. This comes at the cost of $56,000 , all to be paid by the homeowners. Why does that need to be repaired at all? There is nothing wrong with the fences. We asked Tina and she responded it was just a figure given by some consultant and not any company per se. We got the person’s name. Homeowners need to be very vigilant on this issue. Before we know it, all the so-called bids would boil down to one company that has been doing all our work to the exclusion of any other bids. This is he same company that as of today’s post still has a one-page website with no links or explanation as to who they are, how they were founded or any relevant information about them. This also reminds us of that infamous carport project that was done for $300,000 and without consulting the homeowners. We paid interest on top of that. Lets not this bad history repeat itself at the tune of $56,000 and 3% irreversible maintenance fee increase. Please take the time and let the Board know you oppose this project if the cost is not absorbed. You can call Tina to reach the Board and express your opinion.

January 21,2015
Meeting last night-3% increase and conspiracy against homeowners

As expected the incumbents won last night. Some homeowners including the ones that ran last night and pretty much never campaigned or knocked on people’s doors, still believed the election was about qualification. Nothing can be further from the truth. They touted their experience in running other associations or their experience in real estate and lost to a bunch of proxies brought over by Tina which they had no way of validating them independently. Of course as we know one of the incumbents won re-election without a deed!! Please recall that 2 weeks ago we asked Tina a rhetorical question , that if we could inspect his deed. She said no ( there is no deed to inspect). The manegement comany committed another breach of fiduciary duty by holding this election. We will continue to follow that with appropriate authorities and we will let you know. It is too dangerous a liability to have at our expense for their friendship When people hide things , they naturally can only trust the ones that know what the truth is. Nobody else, as long as they could help it (like defeating them in election) should be able to be in on it. Lets also mention that the illegal president gave the address. A funny tidbit was when homeowners asked the previous president why there was a change and he is the new secretary. He responded he wanted to see the challenges involved with that position!! He didn’t mention what was so intriguing for him to give up his position and commence what amounts to clerical duties. Of course in an earlier posting we let you know that there is nothing legal that could be found in our rules and bylaws authorizing that. What we believe the reason is, was the removal of the previous president with petition after he had become a target. They learned their lessons and now they play musical chairs with the position so not one person becomes a target.

This also showed that people who submit their names to the Nominating Committee have yet to win an election ever since Concerned Homeowners started running for the Board 10 years ago. It just shows a sham of an election that we have. We asked the very well-meaning and well-intentioned lady who is on that committee to give up this ceremonial post that has never yielded a winner. It’s the Board way. It’s the common man/woman’s way who has figured out how to hide things by redaction, one-bids, etc. They ask people who have good names and really care for the property, to take over this role and legitimize this election.

We found out that the letter all homeowners received regarding the management company increasing its prices was actually not right. The true budget was handed out last night.

More importantly, the illegal incumbent who won last night introduced us to his pet project about fences. Apparently with the price of water and sewer going up by the city( we will verify that), there is an urgent need for $56K repair. After saying this is the highest the reserves have been since many years, now they would need to increase our dues by 3%. We attribute that solely to the fences. If the dues can be kept steady, and the fences don’t look like they are in dire need of repair, why go through an expensive $56K repair. This reminds us of the $300K carport a few years ago that we were told was worth only about $100K. We had to get a loan for that. With enough bidding the cost can be absorbed and no need for dues increase.

Most importantly last night, was a talk about developers buying our place. There has been no such talk or intentions as far as we know outside this annual meeting. There has been one homeowner who keeps insisting on that and she even mentioned she is a taking a lead on that. For the record nobody that we know has asked her to do that. As we let you know in advance a year and a half ago that it would need 100% of homeowners to sign on their deeds individually. This homeowner however brought an example of a condo nearby who had a 100% in their constitution and they changed it to 80% and were able to sell it!! That condo is not nearly well-positioned as ours ,it is much smaller than ours and moreover we don’t need to sell ours without a developer coming to us first. The action of this homeowner, talking to investors as if we are all desperate to sell is the height of irresponsibility. It was very soon picked up by some members of the Board and even some homeowners who rather sell at whatever price they think would be best for everybody. This is a conspiracy against all homeowners who can and should command a price of $100K for one bedroom and $1450K for a 2  bedroom, nothing less. This is our estimate for now and it could even go higher depending on more and more construction coming here like 2640 and 2650 FV. We also have heard from some credible sources that the ones across the street from these 2 buildings are also being sold for new development. This is nothing short of a conspiracy to get our valuable property with loose , inexperienced and dangerous talk. We demand that homeowners who have this plan to stop talking about the whole place as if they own it and talk about theirs only and leave the other homeowners alone. As you can see more homeowner participation and concern will let anybody ( developer or agenda-driven homeowners) that we will not let our constitution change for this. We will sign our own deed when the time comes and only when we feel we get the right price for our properties.


January 20,2015
Management company

As you might be aware, the management company will be charging us an additional 2%. There is nothing extra added, nor any new services . There have been several calls and emails to Tina regarding the condition of the property. There were concerns about filthy stairwell, driveways , trash in many places. Those calls did not do anything, and usually answered with one word “yes”,”No”, “Ok”, etc. in her emails. Nobody can remember the last time anybody has spotted her walking the property. The Board in cooperation with the management company and against homeowner interests has devised this budget. Why are we paying an additional 2% with the Board approval with no positive changes? It states the last increase was in 2013, as if  now its ok for them to charge us another 2%. Then again what do you expect from a Board that in its membership has individuals who got on it without any deed in their names.

If you remember seeing Tina on the property for any reason ( we hope it would be inspection) please notify us at with the date and time.

Its time for the management company to go.



January 17,2015

 HOA-wrongful profit- click on the link below to see the video:
January 13,2015
Campaign and other candidates

We just found out that there are 2 people who are running for the 2 positions available on the Board. Apparently they haven’t been to the Board “elections” or simply don’t know that this all a sham. As more evidence of this being a sham, the illegal and current Board “member” is running for re-election. He is campaigning and asking for your votes!! Lets remind you this individual should not even be allowed to be in the room on the 20th.

By the way, don’t these 2 candidates knock on doors and ask for votes? Do they think qualification is good enough to get on this Board? May be they should look at the 2 illegal Board “members” who are on the Board including the president.


January 11,2015

Lets all remember the president who will be giving the address on January 20th is NOT legal. All Board members are required to participate in an election (with overwhelming number of proxies or not) as a homeowner. She never did. This is not like rotating presidencies and musical chair that they play every year or so. They have to be legally elected. It doesn’t matter that they don’t care about the bylaws they are supposed to uphold. We are fighting this unjust and illegal Board “membership”. Lets also not forget, that the other illegal Board “member” is running for re-election.

January 10,2015
True and documented

This happened in Connecticut. A lawsuit was filed against a management company that managed 8 associations . It said that $1M was missing from the bank accounts of these HOAs. The comptroller for the company was sentenced a few days ago to 10 months in prison and 3 years supervised release. On a federal charge he was found guilty of embezzling $108,000. He was employed as the vice president and comptroller for 25 years.

January 6,2015
For the record

Concerned Homeowners emailed Tina last week and what we got was a rhetorical  question.


Q. Can homeowners come and inspect (the incumbent’s) deed.


A. No


Q. Why can’t we come and inspect the deed?


We are still waiting for the answer from 8 days ago.


It just shows this fraudulent election. We have notified some private organizations and the latest news , they have not returned their calls either.

January 4,2015
HEB & Chevron
For those homeowners who do not know yet, current HEB will cease to exist on February 17th, and the new HEB will start operations on February 18th, the next day which is about a month and half from today. Across the street and at the corner apparently Chevron will change to a bank.

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