We believe:

***HOAs should not be one of the 4 entities with the power of foreclosure.
Their liens should be treated like other creditors that have lien on a homestead.

***HOAs with current unfair laws can be breeding grounds for corruption.

***There should be an independent State agency to regulate HOAs , train and certify Board members.

***HOAs that hire a management company should not hire management company affiliated contractors. This in time can result in getting bids only from them at the exclusion of others. It can deny the homeowners the best possible price resulting from competitive bidding. Major jobs should be put out for bids from at least 5 different companies. These bids should be verifiable by interested homeowners.

***Just like other types of elections, in this quasi-government, where 60 million people live in, the elections should be allowed to be monitored completely by interested homeowners .


Two Board members have been elected to the Board of Directors without being an owner of record and in direct violation of Article 3, section 3 of our bylaws.This happened in January 2008 elections.They were nominated and subsequently elected with the power of unverifiable proxies and Tina's full knowledge.


CH: Concerned Homeowners

Tina: Property manager


$20,000 is the amount that went to Tina's contractor in 2016 alone that your Board Of Directors did not even want to investigate to possibly save the homeowners. The money could have benefited all homeowners . Instead it benefited a few.

Annual Homeowner Meeting- Thursday February 15,2018 6:30 pm@Rice


Saturday February 10,2018

Conflict of interest

We just saw another brazen example of Tina’s contractor/company buddy or whatever you want to call them, getting contracts over the interest of the homeowners. This contract was signed by the supposedly guardian of our interest : Board of Directors. They did not investigate alternative pricings for gas and just signed with a company that just recently was one floor about the management company i.e. Tina’s office. The fencing job was also given to Tina’s contractor when 4 other bids were available that were 1/3 Tina’s contractor’s price. A new $220,000 contract is being implemented without getting any other bids and they signed with Tina’s contractor. This overpay even though lately has not been translated to higher maintenance fees but it could have gone to a better place, which is the homeowner savings accounts to earn interest and be available for repairs which are increasingly becoming more and more necessary. This is a clear case of conflict of interest. Instead of our money coming to our accounts, is going to the pockets of the few. This has to be stopped. It is a clear case of filing complaint with the Texas Attorney General and for them to see why an HOA gives all jobs to a contractor affiliated with the property manager. The homeowners’ money is being drained for no good reason. Hopefully we can have the Attorney General take a look at this matter.

Sunday February 4, 2018

Tina and the Board lied

We tried asking the new owner of the management company. We asked him specifically to help us get that “research” on gas companies by Tina and the Board. He had no answer. We were right again. If there was no research it follows he had no answer either. The research was supposed to have been done by one of the board members (one of the illegal gang) and then passed on to Tina to pass to whoever interested in looking at that data. The homeowners are supposed to believe that there were 8 other companies that we got prices from, submitted that to the Board and the Board after “research” found that the one company which happened to be one floor above where Tina works beat their prices. When we ask them to reveal their research which in reality is homeowner’s money at play, they had none. For sure if they could prove that company was better they would have provided that research in detail to allay any concern about getting money under the table. They didn’t have anything to show.

It just goes to show that for some on the Board, the Board seats are a hot money maker. Some of them don’t even have visible jobs other than this Board job. They would rather spend your hard earned money, to make money than to save you money.

Sunday January 28,2018

2 bedrooms here-an update

We just found out a 2 bedroom 2 bathroom condo here was put on sale for $195K. This shows the values are coming right along what we predicted where 2 bedrooms should be. It has taken about 2 years for these values to catch up to real values when a homeowner decided it was the right price for the condo. These condos are at optimum location with great access to many highways and also easy access to downtown. Lets not forget the low number of crimes and them being walking distance to great supermarkets. How could they under perform for so long? Many homeowners cited poor upkeep of the property by the Board and mostly high maintenance were the main problems. That was why in conversations with CH or what we heard around they didn’t think their condos were worth no more than $110K-120Ks and in some extreme cases less than $100K. We still believe in the next year or so the prices could go up even further to $250K for the 2 bedrooms.
These values however may be of little help to the owners of the 3-bedrooms or 2 ½ bedrooms. These homeowners are stuck with an astounding $620s and above. Why would a new buyer invest in an old building with such a high maintenance? These owners can look at the Board for years of rising maintenance fees which we believe were resulting from one –bid contracts.


Thursday Janaury 25,2018

Tina's duties

After a week of asking Tina for the new gas contract we got it. We emailed her new boss and 4 hours later it was emailed to us. The contract was signed on the 18th . Tina’s duties goes beyond getting contractors and finding if the common areas are effected and other things. She not only sends contractors to repair lucrative jobs but she makes sure they are hers. She has other duties that we describe below.
After about 30 years of being a property manager here, she makes all the decisions and goes further than she is supposed to. She is used to besides counting votes and announcing the results of the election but also find yes people who are new or relatively new here and puts them on the board. People whose sole function is to sign documents and nothing else. If necessary she can call some homeowners and solicit their signed blank proxies or gets their consent and asks them to just send them in and she will take care of it. She is not used to people who ask for proof or question her integrity. Homeowners who pay her salary are not important enough for her to return their phone calls or worse send documents that she doesn’t like to provide.
She also knows when to shift responsibility and to revert back to her original document handler function. She wrote that after research they decided that those 8 companies still could not beat her one company. The company that used to be one floor above where she currently works , and moved out just a couple of years ago. When we asked her to send the name and phone numbers of people in those 8 companies that were contacted, she said that a board member did the research. This is her job . The board member happens to be one of the ones that got on board illegally in 2008. Yes lets not forget that she was there too and looked the other way, and breached her fiduciary duty and let 2 people who didn’t have proper credentials to become two of the 5 members of the Board of Directors.
She needed to call around and get us the best deal. If she is in charge of that very inside duty of holding elections but basically clerical one why not do other clerical duties like gathering data from other companies and submit them to the Board and let them make the decision? However just like fencing job that went to her contractor, other jobs go to her other contractors as well. The Board is totally ok with signing with her and only her contractors for the benefit of the very few and against the interest of the homeowners.
We are waiting for the list of people contacted for the gas contract. We think another push to her boss might be necessary to get that. This time the illegal board member is holding that information and needs to pass it on to the document handler, Tina. We don’t think such a list even exists.



Saturday January 20,2018

Gas contract

In what looks to be the narrative here, the gas contract went to what we can refer to as Tina’s contractor. This is the company that until 2 years ago was one floor above Tina’s company. As you might recall we submitted 8 different companies all gas and some gas and electricity providers back in September and 6 months prior to the expiration of the current contract in February.
After promising they would do a research of CH’s list of other providers, they decided to go with the same one. It was done after “research” Tina wrote. When we asked her to provide the name and phone numbers that the research was done through, she couldn’t provide any.
We will pursue that on Monday to see if any “research” was done and may be with the new owner of the company. It might not be a bad idea to see how he would treat concerned homeowners who are concerned about the condition of the property and these one-bid contracts. They should be stopped.They are usually 3 times more expensive and not cost effective for the homeowners.


THURSDAY January 11, 2018

Part 10

As we guessed the next part of that monster deal is part 10. This part alone is over $50,000.
They already have approval for the doors by Tina’s contractor and the rest to follow. May be just like the gas contract they don’t want any questions asked during the meeting and will approve the rest after that. One thing for sure they are not looking for other bids.


Monday January 1, 2018


Several homeowners have urged Concerned Homeowners to run for the board this year and prior years. Some even offered their proxy. While we appreciate their confidence in us, the election here is of third world variety. It is a banana republic. Unfortunately the management company is in charge of the election. Tina uses this to her advantage and working with some board members find the best Yes people to run. By YES people we mean people who just sign and don’t ask any questions. These are relatively new homeowners and in some case even owners for less than a year. After the results are announced, they get over 100 votes (nothing less than a 100) without talking to any homeowner, knocking on anybody’s door or even sending out letters. The reason is that they don’t need to. They are already in. Just the phone call to them and their acceptance of the invitation gets them elected. They know they don’t have to do anything else. They just show up to the meeting and get elected. In what is supposedly an election, the results are known beforehand. They of course are there just to sign papers so in case of some State or legal inquiry they would be covered. A lot of them over the years are not even participants in the financial gains. They are just happy to be a member or add that to their resume. In one instance when we were chasing the monthly meetings and we found out the location for that particular one was changed for that month only, a Yes man was also with us trying to find out where the new place was! They didn’t even bother telling him where it was. May be there was nothing to sign that month. Over the years we have seen many people who tout their resumes unbelievably thought they could win. Some even asked CH to endorse them. We had no problem doing that since we knew they were qualified but told them not to expect to win. It didn’t matter. They went on and gave speeches telling everybody what they have accomplished in their lives which have been impressive in many cases. You can counter that with couple of board members with no visible means of support who seem to be members for life. They are just known to be Board members, and appears to have no other jobs. After counting the votes we were proven right. We do not trust Tina or the Board. There should be a mechanism for full verification by interested homeowners. Over the years we have proposed voice or, email verification or any other type of acceptable verification to be used to make sure the proxies are not forged, altered, created or other fraudulent methods employed by Tina and/or the Board. All those possibilities and more are expected by them. We have to be there when all Annual Meetings notices are mailed, count them and check them against the homeowners list. We also have to be there in every single proxy received BEFORE opening the envelop. Please remember, an ordinary common man/woman who is corrupt and likes to make money while serving as a “volunteer” on the board with nobody watching can alter the votes to benefit them. Absence of that the best way to preserve the interest of the homeowners would be to get comparative and competitive bids, submit them to the Board. If they don’t interview the bidders or don’t show any interest in the obviously much lower bids or don’t employ any of them as oppose to Tina’s bidder, report that to the homeowners and let them decide how their money should be spent. We can only hope majority of the homeowners would call and pressure the Board to have free, verifiable elections and stop wasting our money. We proposed proxy changes to start with to the previous owner of the management company when he attended our meeting but he refused. Let’s hope the new owner would change that and bring respectability back to the election.


Friday December 29,2017

Annual Homeowner Meeting- January 16,2018 ,6:30 pm@Rice

The notices for the Annual Homeowner Meeting ( or as one misguided ex-Board member categorized it the Annual Board Meeting which may have not have been that far off an observation by her after all). It is set for a little over 2 weeks from today on January 16, 2018 at 6:30pm at Rice.
Homeowners can recall when these notices also accompanied mentioning their accomplishments, maintenance fee increase as a result of those accomplishments, a list of candidates for the new positions, etc.
More importantly it used to be mailed 2 months or so in advance. The proxy form used to list all candidates with a checkbox next to them. The changing of the venue shows the fraudulent elections they hold every year. Now it is mailed 2 weeks in advance with just a blank proxy. Over the years some homeowners have reported to CH the phone calls they have received from Tina and some board members asking them to just sign the proxy and mail it in. They would do the rest. Yes we bet they would. The elections have always been in reality , filling those positions with their own Yes men/women and get them on board. By now it should be very obvious to astute people that serving homeowners with the best possible people is not the objective. Serving the purposes of the Board members which is about giving jobs to Tina’s contractor, is the objective. They just need a signature from those yes men and women in case there is an inquiry to the legality of approving a job. As you can see the 2 newest board members are virtual unknowns. In fact they are relatively recent homeowners.
However until the lax laws on HOAs persist, and they actually think HOAs are capable of honestly governing themselves , CH does its job which is showing the homeowners how much money they are losing when the Board deals with Tina’s contractor . CH also shows homeowners that the Board purposefully does not interview or inquire about the bidders called at random that have much lower bids than Tina’s guy.
Its all up to the homeowners to take matters into their own hands and show up to the meeting and demand accountability. The maintenance fees not being raised till 2020 is a positive step. In this Board’s world of self-interest we also have to watch out for our property. Please remember the developers are still waiting for an opportune moment. The Board still could sell your property and not necessarily to the highest bidder by those elements on the Board.
The Board doesn’t want you to show up, as evidence with this late notice. Please make an effort to show up. There is also an expectation that the new owner of the management company shows up and introduces himself. Lets hope he does recognize that the elections must be verified independently. Tina’s bag of proxies could also affect your property in case of a sale.


Sunday December 24,2017

HOA and organized crime

HOAs and the way they are setup can be categorized as organized criminal enterprises. The definition of organized crime is how there are networks and groups that work with each other and commit criminal activities like bribes, kickbacks, theft, etc.
HOAs in general can start as well-meaning group of people in a community who get together and start a board of directors of 3 to 5 or 6 people and try to manage the daily affairs of the community, like repairs, contracts, and other management duties. This is when somebody could suggest that things would be better run with a professional management company. This could be because that somebody knew a way to make money while managing the properties. That person(s) could be well aware of the ways of hiring their won contractors and make sure they are the ones that get the contracts. The numbers could run into millions of dollars, just like an organized criminal group. A property manager works with several HOAs and knows how to get his/her own contractor to get the contracts exclusively or other methods of fraudulent activities. Please remember for ordinary homeowners it would be very difficult to discover that. One way to get suspicious would be irregular maintenance fee increases. At the end, the homeowners always end up paying.

This happened in Florida. A property manager was found guilty of organized fraud by diverting over $1.5M from several HOAs that she managed. She was arrested on the charge of grand theft and could go to prison for 30 years. She used the money to pay off debt and other personal expenses. A whistleblower discovered the fraud and alerted the police.
This was caught by a whistleblower. How many don’t get caught? We presume many more.




Sunday December 10,2017

Board’s anti-homeowner games

As many of visitors to this site are aware, we have introduced 10 gas companies to the Board for the current contract expiring soon. Two years ago, in a purely self-interested and anti-homeowner move , the Board knowing CH was getting extra bids, pre-empted us and agreed to sign with the same company. If anybody has any doubts about the motivation of the Board, we hope it was removed just by this move alone. Now two years later CH pre-empted the Board and before they agreed to renew with the same company, an expected action. CH is trying to do the Board’s job and save homeowners money. However, all of a sudden the Board has decided to do what they should have done 2 years ago: shop around. The current contract expires in February.
They are likely waiting for the Annual Meeting to be over so if asked they could say they are still shopping around. It would be hard to explain Tina's favorite gas company beat out 10 other ones. Two years ago they decided to renew without getting extra bids about 5 months in advance.
They didn’t get any extra bids for the $220,000 contract last year which apparently 2 of the 11 parts have already been completed. Remember , its our money being lost and for financial gain of a few.

Friday November 24,2017

4 more gas providers

The gas contract will be expiring soon. Over 3 months ago in anticipation of Tina and the board playing games we submitted a list of 6 gas providers. Tina thanked us for what we did which was essentially providing bids against her preferred provider located one floor above her company. As you recall she told us the time for renewal was one month prior to the expiration of the current contract in 2015. This turned out not to be true and she told us two months prior to expiration that the board had decided to renew with that same company.
When we inquired about the status of their negotiation with the 6 companies that we provided, she said they were still shopping around. We wanted to help them and us further and supplied 4 more this past week. This time there was no pretense or even sarcasm from her. She didn’t respond at all.
If they pick the same company, it means that company was better than 10 other companies that we picked from a list of providers. A company that was located one floor above her company.




Sunday November 19,2017

Under the table funding illustrated with an example

This happened in Florida. A property manager of a condo association has been arrested on charges of accepting thousands of dollars in bribes and stealing cash from the building’s laundry machines. He was charged with grand theft, fraud and use of a phone to plan a crime. He could face up to 5 years in jail.
He was dealing with an electric firm. He asked the owner to add $6,000 to the invoice and later pass him the money in exchange for a promise of future work. The owner submitted an invoice of $18,800 instead of $12,800 but he was cooperating with the condo’s board of directors who reported him to the police. He was found to have stolen $3000 from the laundry machines and trying to bribe an employee not to report that theft.

This incident was caught. How many others are unreported and the board of directors are in bed with the property manager?


Thursday November 9, 2017

New condo sales here

Recently we found out the value for 2-bedroom condos here have gone up. These are homeowners who for one reason or another like improving economy have placed their 2-berdoom condos for sale by about 20% or more. Two condos were recently put on sale for $150K and more. It is still below what it should be in the near future and what CH believes which is $200K. The value should be increasing more as economy improves while the area becomes more and more valuable. At this point a 2-bedroom should not be too far off from the 2 bedroom old townhomes down the road from us which don’t even include utilities at $300K a piece. You have to remember the money you get from your condo should enable you to live in a comparable place and nothing less. This should be your goal. In the meanwhile, its best to attend the one meeting that could be full of conspiracies and ways to get your property sold at wholesale prices: the Annual Meeting being held on the 3rd Tuesday of January every year. Try not to miss it.

Tuesday October 31, 2017

Here is a familiar story

Police said a property manager pocketed tens of thousands in rent, fees and security deposits between May and September.

She is charged with grand theft. Police say she stole more than $45,000 from her employer.

The company called the _______ Police Department in late September. After an internal audit and police investigation lasting four weeks, authorities formally charged her. Authorities said she manipulated the company's computer system in an effort to hide the thefts.

Marriage turned herself in to the ________ County Detention Center on Tuesday. She was being held in lieu of $5,000 bail.


October 7, 2017

Even attorneys get into the act

When arguing with people who defend HOAs, the term “HOA industry” is very offensive to many of them. It depicts fraud. Of course there is ample reason to associate fraud with HOAs with one-sided laws giving these ordinary, in many cases unremarkable people, the power to rule people’s lives and interpret laws competently and objectively. There are insurance companies, insurance adjustors, general contractors, management companies, law firms and others that cater exclusively to HOAs. They know that with current laws any conceivable fraud can be implemented through briberies and kickbacks given to board members. We have posted many true examples on this site. One of these groups, law firms even introduces themselves by sending advertisements letting board members know they can handle elections, fines and handle homeowners who won’t put up with illegalities.
A law firm in Las Vegas was recently ordered to pay $3.1M in fines to the association. Of this amount $2.4M was for the judgment and the rest was interest. This law firm was in charge of the elections of the association and apparently had some favorite homeowners.

Some of the findings:
a) A young attorney wasn’t supervised and allowed ballot stuffing in a HOA election.
b) The FBI told the law firm it was investigating the attorney in connection with election irregularities, but no one at the firm informed the association.
c) The law firm represented both sides in suspicious HOA elections, a clear conflict of interest.

What the judge found was that a contractor packed the board of the HOA and other associations with conspirators through rigged elections. He then had those conspirators vote to initiate construction defect lawsuits against home builders. The legal work and repairs were farmed out to the contractor and his buddies. The contractor made $8.1M. The board members in this HOA were suspicious and decided to hire a supposedly independent law firm to oversee the elections. One of the partners in that law firm was chosen as an independent law firm, unbeknownst to the board members. He hired a young attorney who testified he thought the contractor and the association was one and the same and so he let the contractor’s fixer on the board to access the ballots in the law firm’s office.
What caused the judgment against the law firm was that the law firm did not inform that the supposedly independent lawyer was one of their partners.
The contractor is serving time . This is one example of a HOA industry in action that was caught. It was done through costly legal expense. How many are out there and continue to profit illegally at the expense of the homeowners? When will an independent State agency be created that can oversee HOA complaints and enforce civil penalties?


September 10, 2017

Shoddy workmanship

Hurricane Harvey has come and gone. The flat roofs behaved as before. There were many homeowners on those rainy days did the only thing they could. It was to go up on the roof and see how they could stop the leaks resulted from the shoddy workmanship done by Tina’s bidder. There were many and apparently many phone calls were made to the management company during the weekend the rain fell . Of course it was an emergency number that they could just leave a message and describe where and when the leak occurred. This is what keeps happening every time there are consecutive days of rain. It would be a good advice to homeowners to check the weather forecast before leaving home for a few days. The roofs you paid with your maintenance fees cannot withstand even steady rain. Even if you just had the leak fixed, it can happen again maybe in a different place , may be in the same place. This is one of the results of people who are not knowledgeable in running an association and masquerade as board members.


August 19,2017


Over the years many homeowners have reported problems with their roof leaking. These happen mostly when there are consecutive days of rain and not necessarily hard. Homeowners have reported leaks from rain that has damaged their furniture with basically no fault of their own.
These roofs were installed about 10 years ago and it was the first time CH started competitive bidding. We introduced 8 bidders alongside Tina’s. It was to nobody’s surprise that not only they didn’t talk to them, they also didn’t appreciate anybody else presenting bids. Of course these 8 bidders were called from Yellow Pages. Tina’s bidder was selected. The result has been nothing short of disaster. Problems started the first year and have continued since. The problem show s up when its consecutive days of rain. One could imagine the homeowners wouldn’t have suffered financial loss if those 8 bidders were also consulted and let the best man win. If they have a trip out of town and the weather forecast predicts many days of rain it would be wise for them to cancel that trip. If not they might suffer huge financial loss. This is one bad result of one and same contractor bidding. It could be financial loss for homeowners and financial gain for the board members.


August 6, 2017

This could have happened to us here

This is what happened in Arizona but it might have happened in our place last year.
A woman did what all of us homeowners did which is buying a condo to live in and invest. She bought it in October 2016. It was a 2-bedroom and she paid $93000 cash for it. She spent $15,000 remodeling. In less than a year she got a letter telling her the condo complex was being sold and she had 60 days to get out. She was going to be compensated $95,000 and had no recourse. This represented a $13,000 loss in less than a year which didn’t include moving and other expenses. The condo termination letter came from the investor himself which informed her that the association approved the sale of the entire complex.
She found out that Arizona law allows for a termination of a condo and the sale of the entire project for fair market value if at least 80% of the unit owners agree- just like in Texas.
She found out that she could not appeal the appraisal since it was a bulk sale appraisal. If it was a normal sale transaction she could appeal. The only way she could protest a bulk appraisal was for 50% of the owners to file appeals. The investor had bought 80% of the condos, so she was out of luck there.
She offered to sell hers at $120,000 just to put the whole mess behind her but the investor and his attorney did not return her phone calls and messages.
This could have easily described our situation. After the bogus voting with bogus proxies we would be left with a phone number to call with the calls never returned. The association dissolved in these situations there would be absolutely nobody to go to. It would be a huge collective loss and an investor who would kick us out and in a hurry to start demolishing. This still could happen here. You cannot trust your property to the board just because they put out a weak pathetic resolution that they would never convert to 80%. There is every reason to believe that they would hand over the property on a silver platter to an investor the moment the situation is right.


July 27,2017

New money maker project for the board

The ongoing contract with Tina’s bidder is worth over $200,000. It is made of 11 parts. According to Tina the board was not going to approve the whole $200,000 contract. We believe she left something out.
They were not going to approve the whole contract because it wouldn’t look right. It would look downright like a kickback and in continuation of what has been discussed here and proved. The fact that the board in the past has overlooked contracts from other bidders and did not even want to discuss the savings they could have brought to homeowners. Now they put together a $200,000 proposal with one bidder only (Tina’s ). Right away they approve the most expensive parts (V and VI) and Tina claims they were not going to approve the whole $200,000 contract. What we believe she left out was other parts of the contract that most probably will be approved in the coming months. By approving 2 parts they get 2 out of 11 done and next we believe is part 10 , the next expensive part which could be ongoing as well to make it look like a done job , meaning no other bids needed.
This along with inside fences looks like another money making project by the board in cooperation with Tina.



April 30, 2017

Unsigned contract

Here we are trying to get to the bottom of this huge contract. It was thought of by the board and it is for over $220,000. The contract was posted a few days ago. It is not signed. We asked for the signed one. After all this could have been typed by anybody. However, according to Tina, there is no signed contract because the board was not going to do the whole contract. That was fine except that Tina’s contractor was already on the ground with welding equipment. We asked her about that and she responded that only parts V and VI are being done. We asked her about the signed contract for V and VI and she specifically said there was “no signed contract”. We of course told her that this was not understood how a company could work without a signed contract and she stopped responding. There are several possibilities:

1. She doesn’t want the homeowners to see because there is something her and the board don’t want interested homeowners to see, like the terms of the contract, prices, etc.

2. Its being done in bits and pieces because it wouldn’t look good all $220,000+ be given to Tina’s contractor again without getting any other bids.

3. She could be playing immature semantic games that she is known for.

4. Any or a combination of the above or something else. Remember with two illegal board members and her being a part of that , anything is possible.

We let her know that we would have to ask our attorney to get to the bottom of this and she let us know in no uncertain terms “that we will wait to hear from her”.
This is what we should have received either in detail as to why she could not send the signed contract to us, why it is unsigned to begin with and why the work has started without a signed contract.
We also let her know that we will ask the management company to reimburse us for the cost of recovering this document that we all pay for. It was referred to our attorney on Friday.


April 25, 2017

Working without a contract?

A proposal was submitted to the Board on 12/29/2016 by Tina’s bidder which we posted here 2 days ago. At the Annual meeting the (illegal) Board member was salivating over the size of it and how it would improve the whole area by 2201 building and other areas. The area by 2201 was for concrete repair which we got a bid $5,000 below Tina’s bidder and we were told by Tina concrete was the extent of the job contrary to what the Board member said at the meeting. Last week when other equipments for other type of works showed up, reported by a homeowner, we asked Tina why other equipments were there and she finally admitted there was a proposal which we posted in the last posting here. She again denied that there would be more work done and we asked for the signed proposal of what already is being done. She told us via email that they are working without a contract and what we have was it!! So this is Tina’s contractor who submitted a proposal, got the job and is now working without a contract.
Exactly how much are we paying for this job? How about liability issues? How would that work with their accounting?
This is her and the Board last stand. Now that we are getting outside bids and exposing the extra money that we don’t have to spend, they are now hiding the contract(s). We say ‘they’ because sounds like they are working together to keep this out of homeowner eye and may be what looks like kickbacks. After all why a non-profit corporation is hiding anything let alone what looks like to be a sizeable contract?
We will continue to press for the truth. We will keep you posted.